From professionals and managers, nerds, and coaches...

What type of person needs to get in touch to make me cheer with excitement as a coach?

It’s the type of person whose profession requires considerable professional expertise and who later, thanks to their expertise, is promoted to a managerial position.

I, affectionately, call them “nerds.” Because they have often more or less grown up with their field of expertise and throw themselves devotedly into their projects.

They prefer only to come up for air when a colleague or manager needs their expert advice. As a pool of knowledge, these experts are an invaluable resource for the company.

“But as managers, ‘nerds’ have entirely new challenges to face. From one day to the next, they are expected to successfully lead entire teams or departments without any training whatsoever.”

They are required to win the approval of people who work completely differently from the machines and calculations they are so intimately familiar with. And, if we are honest, people often work much more irrationally...

The fact that these immensely demanding personnel-related tasks can overwhelm them is hardly surprising. Practically no one is a born manager, least of all thoughtful, detail-loving “nerds”.

Unfortunately, without the right coaching, it often comes to a point where they are forced to part with their beloved specialist tasks…

But it doesn’t have to get that far!

From my own experience, I know that it is possible to live your specialism to the fullest and still be an excellent manager…

From decades of management coaching, but also from first-hand experience, I promise you that you can master this balancing act. After all, as an engineer I myself once moved into sales and then into a managerial position.

Only a few people
are born managers...

Only a few
people are
born managers...

I am a nerd myself and have learnt how to be a manager.

Today I have two degrees, over 25 years of experience as a trainer and coach, and regularly work with over 60 companies.

However, when I started my career as a sales engineer, I found that my technical training was certainly a helpful door opener…

But it also brought new challenges!

Now I understand that success in my career did NOT come from my specialist knowledge; above all, it came from my demeanour, my rhetoric and my personality.

I was quick to notice at the beginning of my career that neither clients, nor later my employees were looking for a long explanation about how our technology functions or why things are the way they are.

I have several invaluable people to thank for this enormous step in my personal development, and in turn my career! They supported me as teachers, mentors, and coaches.

At the same time, I was not always able to appreciate how useful their advice truly was for my life while talking with them..

It often took some time before I grasped how valuable it is to learn from the skills of others and to continuously work on my personality.

Today, my expertise and my daily routine are centred on working with managers, their teams and my "nerds" on their personality and social skills.

As a passionate engineer, former manager, and coach...

As a passionate engineer, former manager, and coach...

... I grew up with fishertechnik and Commodore 64,

... I was socialised by the Starship Enterprise and Bart Simpson,

... I always want to know exactly how things around me work.

... I am convinced that the necessary personal and communication skills can be more quickly and successfully developed for all stakeholders through coaching.

Professioneller Coach für Führungskräfte und Teams, Teamentwicklung

Education and references

Further training & qualifications

  • dvct-certified Coach and Trainer
  • Training in traditional and modern hypnosis for therapy and coaching
  • Provocative Coaching, DIP German Institute for Provocative Therapy
  • Kanban System Design, Lean Kanban University
  • "Competence-activating hypnosystemic concepts for coaching, personality, team and organisational development" with Dr Gunther Schmidt / MEI Heidelberg, two-year training certified by the DBVC, Systemic Business Coach qualification, Metaforum International Berlin
  • INSIGHTS MDI® IDS & DISG / Persolog® Personality Trainer
  • Two-year further training in organisational consulting at the IGG Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Pedagogy Berlin, focusing on coaching, team development and the dynamics of change in organisations, working in an international environment with multicultural teams
  • Leadership for Innovation. Creating Change in Organizations, UdK Berlin
  • Agile methods, Brainbirds GmbH
Professional Career

  • Founder of Nerd Coaching
  • Systemic teaching coach and trainer at InKonstellation Akademie, Cologne
  • Supporting managers and teams in SMEs and larger companies
  • Partner at COCOMIN AG, Stuttgart
  • Lecturer at BHT University of Applied Sciences, Berlin in economics and social sciences, additional teaching roles at private universities and academiesGesellschaftswissenschaften, weitere Lehraufträge an privaten Hochschulen und Akademien
  • Independent communication and sales trainer, coach, and consultant since 1996
  • INSIGHTS MDI® IDS & DISG/ Persolog® Personality Trainer
  • Sales engineer and regional manager at a mobile network provider
  • Degree in Communications (Diplom-Kommunikationswirt)
  • Social and business communication course at the Berlin University of the Arts
  • Degree in Engineering (Diplom-Ingenieur)
  • Communications engineering course at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • Focusing on digital electronics and transmission technology
  • Information electronics technician, Robert Bosch GmbH, Berlin

  • Württembergische Versicherung AG
  • Amplifon Deutschland GmbH
  • WMF GmbH - Geislingen an der Steige
  • Daimler Real Estate GmbH
  • Mann & Schröder GmbH
  • BBB BÜRGSCHAFTSBANK zu Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
  • Paul & Co Kuhnert Gruppe
  • Vodafone Deutschland
  • ERGO Group AG
  • Allianz Deutschland AG
  • Frankfurter Sparkasse
  • Berliner Sparkasse
  • COCOMIN AG Stuttgart
  • InKonstellation Akademie Cologne
  • …additional German savings banks, banks, insurers, service, and industrial companies.

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