Fürhungskräfte-Coaching & Teamentwicklung mit Holger Kampe
Management and Team Development Coaching

Management and team development coaching is the most effective way of implementing sustainable and structured changes within your company.

You and your team will gain lots of motivation, team spirit and resilience – even in the face of complex tasks and rapid change.

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Why is it so difficult for many companies to form and lead high-performing and resilient teams?

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How is it that in more and more teams the atmosphere is deteriorating, and performance is continuously decreasing?

Why do good employees and managers frequently hand in their notice? Why do employee questionnaires so often return negative feedback?

In some cases, vacancies remain unfilled, because no one is willing to work in certain teams.

Or perhaps they are currently delivering average results, despite having the potential to do so much more…

From my experience, the reasons for this are as follows:

Managers neglect to invest in team competence, team spirit and team communication.

Mostly, because they are unaware that this is something that can be worked on in a targeted and effective way.

Many managers – whose job it is to develop their team – have no training in how modern team development can be implemented using agile methods

Nor are they familiar with how teams function in our dynamic, fast-paced environment.

The daily work routine often leaves little time for dealing with team development. This results in the status quo being tolerated for too long (often until the situation escalates)…

In part, these are all understandable and human reasons. Nevertheless, they cost the company a lot of money.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Managers and teams, who are entangled in problematic situations, get a much better grip on the underlying problems more quickly with the help of an external coach.

Don’t wait until conflict within your team spoils the atmosphere and drastically lowers performance.

Develop an efficient team early on and invest in coaching tailored to helping you achieve this.

What if it were significantly easier to permanently improve your team’s performance and cohesion?

Professionelles Coaching macht Führungskräfte effizienter und wirkungsvoller

Managing a team or department can be a lot easier with the right coaching.

From more than 25 years of experience coaching managers and their employees, I know that teams can be systematically and effectively developed.

Ways of working and communicating within teams or even entire departments, in addition to the prevailing atmosphere and level of productivity, can undergo lasting change and improvement.

And best of all, quickly!

As a manager, you are responsible for making such changes and ensuring they are implemented proactively.

Only then can you and your team become more resilient and learn how to optimally address increasingly dynamic developments within the company.

Likewise, this is the only way to ensure that your team can still manage the increasing complexity of their work, and that each person always knows what they have to do and “why”.

It’s a fact that:

if the status quo is left unchanged, with traditional management techniques and old management principles, today’s management tasks can no longer be successfully dealt with.

This is precisely where the right coaching can be essential and invaluable. The right coaching helps managers:

- perform their tasks with efficiency and agency,
- make qualified decisions about next steps and
- develop a high-performing team that can effectively organise itself.

My number one priority as a coach is simplifying the task of improving the performance, motivation and cohesion of your team or department over the long term.

Professionelles Coaching macht Führungskräfte besser und effizienter

Coach für Führungskräfte & Teams Holger Kampe
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Hello, my name is Holger Kampe

Hello, my name is Holger Kampe
I have two degrees and 25 years of experience working as a trainer and coach. I regularly assist more than 60 companies in team development and cultivating management skills.

From experience, I know that change and conflict resolution within teams require methodical and specialist knowledge, but also curiosity, motivation, and a constructive approach to dealing with mistakes. My coaching supports and develops these various aspects.

But I also place a lot of value in infotainment, because I have found that a fun and appreciative atmosphere makes it easier for people to learn and work in a more productive, motivated way.

If you’d like to cultivate a happy and appreciative atmosphere among your team, why not organise a coaching session or a workshop? Schedule a free initial consultation today.

How will our cooperation take shape?

I work and coach in a systematic way because this enables my clients to achieve fast and effective change and results. My methods take into consideration the interests of all stakeholders, their relationships with one another and the context of their interactions.

In addition, I use agile methods, since the majority of tasks and problems within teams and companies are complex and cannot be solved using traditional management techniques and leadership principles.

I frequently hear from clients that they find the experience of working with me very entertaining, profitable, and results-orientated.

The process:

  • Briefing: getting to know one another, clarification of tasks and goals.
  • I will then create an offer and coaching plan.
  • Introduction and getting to know stakeholders in a team meeting or similar, alignment of needs and expectations.
  • Implementation of (online) coaching (combination of workshops and coaching also possible).
  • Debriefing: feedback and evaluation with manager and the primary client.

I charge a daily rate of €1800.00 plus planning and other expenses if applicable. All consultation formats can also be carried out online.

Within the scope of clarifying the assignment and in order to address your concerns, we agree on goals together. As coach, I am responsible for the achievement of these goals. I do not accept assignments unless the stated goals are achievable.

My coaching is perfect for you, if …

… you have a team or department, in which there are disagreements, conflicts or other problems. In this context, I will support all stakeholders in finding a solution.

… a department is taking on new tasks, undergoing changes, or they are preparing for a new fiscal year. Here, I provide support for the team and managers in developing understanding and cultivating motivation. I provide them with the methods and expertise which will enable them to implement changes or perform specific activities.

… the way in which a team or department is working together, conducting meetings, or simply the level at which they are performing, is no longer good. There is a feeling that certain things need to be done differently, better, or more promptly, or perhaps the fun and motivation have been lost. Here, I support all stakeholders in uncovering the exact causes and working to remedy them.

What results can you expect after management and team development coaching?

My coaching will ensure that:

  • Cooperation and the atmosphere in the team significantly improve.
  • The acceptance of differing personalities, interests and perspectives increases. There is more laughter, exchange between employees is more open and the sense of cohesion increases.
  • Challenges are approached as a team and the probability that they will be overcome is very high.
  • Working techniques change. Methodical competence, i.e., the way cooperation takes place significantly improves.
  • The performance of the team is more efficient and effective.
  • Team members collaborate more transparently with a greater degree of self-organisation.
  • In quickly changing companies and markets, employees and managers are able to better deal with increasing complexity and address future uncertainty. As individuals and as a team you are now more resilient.

As part of clarifying the job and addressing your concerns, we will agree on the coaching goals together. As coach, I am responsible for the achievement of these goals. I do not accept assignments unless I believe it is possible to achieve the stated goals.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The coaching is an investment that will help you save money in the long term. Afterwards, your team or department will communicate more efficiently and work faster. My coaching can also be tailored to your individual needs with regard to time. If you are short on time, then we can begin with a small, helpful step. This will very quickly help us save time going forward. In addition, I consider it part of my role to save you money and provide you with the support needed to make that happen.

Trust is based on familiarity. I have over 25 years of experience dealing with the mentality, issues and problems present in companies and teams. As a specialised coach, I combine systematic coaching with agile methods, because this approach has proven effective for my clients hundreds of times before. You as a manager will achieve quicker results and more impactful changes than those that are possible with traditional management techniques or other methods. And from my own experience as an engineer, who first worked in sales and then entered into a managerial role, I am familiar with the enormous developments that are made possible by targeted coaching.

Absolutely. It is my job to take each step together with you and your team in a way that works for you. Whatever my approach, it must be tailored to the team as a whole and your function, otherwise the coaching would not be effective.

No, under no circumstances. Changes are often only addressed when they have caused considerable problems. This is seldom the best solution … but certainly the most expensive! If you make a prompt start on developing your team, make a proactive or pre-emptive investment, then things will be much more relaxed for all stakeholders and processes will become efficient much more quickly. Waiting until the situation has escalated is a common mistake. Right now, you have time to calmly plan the best opportunity to begin the coaching and what issues to cover. This way you save on money, stress, and probably human resources too, that would otherwise be lost through the various obstacles created by conflict, inefficient structures, and any other inhibiting factors.

I do something, that has not been widely practiced by other coaches and team development specialists before now: I work “iteratively” and, where possible, closely with the client. This means that after I receive an initial briefing, I make a rough plan and present this to the participants (often in a meeting setting). I then make any necessary changes. Afterwards, there is at least one personal meeting with the client and often with the team, too. This way, my clients know what they are getting in advance. At this point the participants will also know me and what they can expect. This creates trust and lowers inhibitions. For the most part, change begins with the initial consultation and job clarification. This helps get to the heart of the issue. What’s more, with goal setting comes motivation and the confidence that improvement and development are possible.

What my clients have to say

“We have broken down existing thought patterns and become more open to new ideas”
I wanted to achieve more "smooth running", targeted leadership and support for employees and targeted exploitation of potential.

Before, I worked more reactively and solved employee issues as they came. The self-image was: I solve the problems of the employees so that they can run smoothly and celebrate success.

I worked actively with your support and proceeded with a clear method, priority, plan and strategy.

I particularly like the "humming head after 3 hours of coaching", as I affectionately call it. You succeed in breaking through existing thought patterns and in the end create openness for new things.

You then provide the respective method for the new one, which I can then add content to.

It has also become clear to me how important it is not only to structure discussions and meetings in terms of content, but also to consider the method and dramaturgy.

Felix Gläser, Head of the Regional Office of Leipzig ERGO Beratung und Vertrieb AG

“I have learnt a lot about myself and others. I now have a better understanding of why employees will or will not do something and find it easier to motivate and inspire them”
I sometimes had the feeling that my employees were doing what they thought I wanted them to do or what they once said they would do. However, it was not always considered what the background or the consequence of this is.

So I wanted to understand them better in order to be able to help them make the right decisions themselves.

I was also interested in independent feedback about myself and my approach as a supervisor, since feedback from employees often does not address unfavorable things.

I got to know Holger as a very nice and straightforward person who gives honest feedback. His questions have repeatedly inspired me to self-reflect and to reconsider approaches. I learned a lot about myself and others in the process.

Before the coaching, I was much more focused on my point of view. Now it is easier for me to understand why colleagues do something or not. This helps a lot in understanding them and ultimately convincing them or developing an alternative that benefits everyone.

Big AHA moments for me were, e.g. B. the classification of various colleagues and myself in a simple personality scheme.

Or the realization of why employees do not accept work simplifications, but stick to the old, cumbersome procedure. Or the positive influence of the question "What was good?" in order to leave the problem focus and shift to the solution focus.

Dr Klaus Hempel, Head of Research & Development at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS

Führungskräfte Coaching mit erfahrenem Coach Holger Kamper

Still not entirely convinced? There are two possible courses of action for you at this point...

Option 1:
The issue remains unresolved, costs you energy and causes the general mood, performance and motivation to deteriorate even further.
Finally, it escalates and unnecessarily costs personnel, creates even more stress and damages the reputation of the department or the manager.

Option 2:
Your difficult problem is solved as a team, and you have a palpable result. Managing your team becomes easier again, because there has been a change in thought, in interaction and in communication between employees. Your reputation as a manager is bolstered and the company achieves its goals.

If you prefer the sound of the second option and would like to utilise modern working techniques, then let’s talk.
In the course of a free initial consultation, we will find out together how we can re-motivate your team and quickly improve their effectiveness and performance.