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Holger Kampe

Are you a manager/personnel manager looking for an experienced coach? I help teams and departments to efficiently master complex tasks and implement changes within the company more quickly by adopting a more structured approach.

Coaching für Führungskräfe und Teams mit Holger Kampe Berlin

Are you looking for a better performance from your team? Would you like to increase their motivation?

Is there a department in your company that is significantly underperforming?

Perhaps you are looking to develop your skills as a manager, because you are currently finding working with your colleagues quite stressful?

Maybe, as a personnel manager, you are looking for an experienced coach, because not everything is running according to plan in a particular department – or because friction and disagreements are having a negative impact on results?

If so, we should get to know one another.

  • For 25 years, I have been working as a trainer and coach and have regularly assisted over 60 companies in team development and cultivating management skills.

  • Some feedback I often encounter is that the skills and content I teach are genuinely helpful, but also not particularly well known, even entirely new, in many sectors. Infotainment also has its place in my coaching sessions, because content is easier to teach and learn when fun is involved!

  • I work systematically using agile methods because most tasks and problems within larger companies are complex. All my coaching sessions are available both on and offline.

  • If you would like regain confidence in your management skills and ensure that your team is working for you with enthusiasm, schedule an initial consultation with me here, free of charge.

Professionelles Führungkräfte-Coaching & Team-Entwicklung
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Hello, my name is Holger Kampe

Hello, my name is Holger Kampe
I have two degrees and 25 years of experience working as a trainer and coach. I regularly assist more than 60 companies in team development and cultivating management skills.

From experience, I know that change and conflict resolution within teams require methodical and specialist knowledge, but also curiosity, motivation, and a constructive approach to dealing with mistakes. My coaching supports and develops these various aspects.

But I also place a lot of value in infotainment, because I have found that a fun and appreciative atmosphere makes it easier for people to learn and work in a more productive, motivated way.

If you’d like to cultivate a happy and appreciative atmosphere among your team, why not organise a coaching session or a workshop? Schedule a free initial consultation today.

What my clients have to say

“We have broken down existing thought patterns and become more open to new ideas”
I wanted to achieve more "smooth running", targeted leadership and support for employees and targeted exploitation of potential.

Before, I worked more reactively and solved employee issues as they came. The self-image was: I solve the problems of the employees so that they can run smoothly and celebrate success.

I worked actively with your support and proceeded with a clear method, priority, plan and strategy.

I particularly like the "humming head after 3 hours of coaching", as I affectionately call it. You succeed in breaking through existing thought patterns and in the end create openness for new things.

You then provide the respective method for the new one, which I can then add content to.

It has also become clear to me how important it is not only to structure discussions and meetings in terms of content, but also to consider the method and dramaturgy.

Felix Gläser, Head of the Regional Office of Leipzig ERGO Beratung und Vertrieb AG

“I have learnt a lot about myself and others. I now have a better understanding of why employees will or will not do something and find it easier to motivate and inspire them”
I sometimes had the feeling that my employees were doing what they thought I wanted them to do or what they once said they would do. However, it was not always considered what the background or the consequence of this is.

So I wanted to understand them better in order to be able to help them make the right decisions themselves.

I was also interested in independent feedback about myself and my approach as a supervisor, since feedback from employees often does not address unfavorable things.

I got to know Holger as a very nice and straightforward person who gives honest feedback. His questions have repeatedly inspired me to self-reflect and to reconsider approaches. I learned a lot about myself and others in the process.

Before the coaching, I was much more focused on my point of view. Now it is easier for me to understand why colleagues do something or not. This helps a lot in understanding them and ultimately convincing them or developing an alternative that benefits everyone.

Big AHA moments for me were, e.g. B. the classification of various colleagues and myself in a simple personality scheme.

Or the realization of why employees do not accept work simplifications, but stick to the old, cumbersome procedure. Or the positive influence of the question "What was good?" in order to leave the problem focus and shift to the solution focus.

Dr Klaus Hempel, Head of Research & Development at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS